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No Tort Liability of Project Architect for Economic Damages Suffered by Contractor or Subcontractor

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LAN/STV v. Martin K. Eby Const. Co., Inc., 11-0810, 2014 WL 2789097 (Tex. June 20, 2014). The Eby opinion involves three parties: (1) the general contractor, (2) the architect, and (3) the Dallas Area Rapid Transportation Authority (“DART”). DART contracted with the architect, LAN/STV, to create the plans, drawings, and specifications for light rail project in downtown Dallas. Martin K. Eby …

Construction Law Update: Liability of Texas Design Professionals Who Remain Engaged in Construction Observation and Contract Administration Work

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The Maxfields (“Owners”) contracted with Black & Vernooy Architects (“Architects”) and Nash Builders, Inc. (“Builders”) for the design and construction of a vacation home. Under the Owners’ contract with the Architects, the Architects were required to design the residence, to perform various post-design contract administration services, and to keep the Owners informed about the progress of the work—esp., to guard …

Debate On Liability Damage Caps As Part of Health Care Reform Rages On

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For the last several months, national health care reform has been debated on television (nearly 24 hours a day), at town hall meetings, and at dinner tables across this country.  Whether you favor  national health care reform or not, a part of the debate includes a discussion about whether or not liability damage caps for doctors and hospitals should be …