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Texas Supreme Court Holds Chiropractor Had a Duty to Disclose

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In Felton v. Lovett, No. 11-0252, 2012 WL 5971207 (Tex. 2012), a patient, who suffered vertebral arterial dissection and stroke as a result of a neck manipulation, brought an action against a chiropractor, alleging that he failed to disclose risks associated with the neck manipulation procedure.  The jury found in favor of the patient and awarded damages against the chiropractor.  …

The Dallas Court of Appeals Holds that a Denial of Leave to Designate a Responsible Third Party is Subject to Mandamus Relief.

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The Dallas Court of Appeals recently held that a denial of leave to designate a responsible third party is subject to mandamus relief.  In In re Smith, No. 05-11-01657-CV., 2012 WL 1066331 (Tex. App.—Dallas 2012, no pet. h.), the Dallas Court of Appeals held that an “improper denial of leave to designate a responsible third party may not be adequately …

Texas Supreme Court Holds Jury Waiver Enforceable

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On March 9, 2012, the Texas Supreme Court issued its decision in In Re Frank Motor Company, which held that a long time employee who signed a jury waiver agreement was not entitled to have it set aside because he was coerced into signing it by his employer. In this case, a long-time employee (“Employee”) signed a Jury Trial Waiver …