Craig Cherry Selected as Director of The Texas Lyceum

Craig Cherry has been selected as a Director of the Texas Lyceum.  Craig will begin a three-year term starting January 1, 2012.

The Texas Lyceum is an association of Texans whose purposes are:

  1. to identify and develop the next generation of top leadership in the State
    of Texas;
  2. to educate its Directors by identifying and exploring the interrelationships
    of the major issues facing Texas;
  3. to help bring a better understanding of these issues to the state’s key
    decision makers; and
  4. to promote an appreciation of the responsibilities of stewardship of the
    values, traditions, and resources of Texas.

To accomplish these purposes, the Lyceum conducts periodic public forums,
publishes the Lyceum Journal, produces the Texas Lyceum Poll, and convenes
programs for the Directors to explore and discuss key economic and social issues
of the state and nation.

The Texas Lyceum is comprised of a Board of Directors from across the state.
These 96 men and women have demonstrated leadership abilities not only in their
own community, but across the State. They are active, involved and interested;
they are eager to contribute their talents and time to the betterment of

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Congratulations Craig!